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The Grand Indian
Wedding Industry

The top notch giants in the Event management planning and implementation, the Indian wedding industry is too massive to miss. Today, this entire segment is run by seasoned and well-trained event planners and vendors.

The industry recorded a huge business of 50,000 crores in 2018-2019 and is still on the peak. In fact, each year, the wedding planning industry expands at the rate of 20%.

Let us decode the superb opportunities associated with this sector and how event management aspirants can benefit from it.

New Age Wedding Planning

Gone are the days when weddings were a local cordiality among near and dear ones. Modernization has incredibly impacted the Indian wedding industry in this contemporary era.

Now, expert wedding planners are hired to arrange all the necessities pertaining to this industry. Right from setting the stage to the choice of flowers, from delicious food to the arrangement of the priest, the wedding planners are responsible for all.

With this, the family members of the couple can enjoy the wedding to the fullest leaving all the hassles on the shoulders of the wedding planners.

Destination Weddings

The trend of destination weddings is a matter of b-town celeb showoffs. However, the civilians are excited for a destination wedding whim and flaunt its aura.

Many couples hire sincere and hardworking wedding planners to organize their immemorial weddings across the beaches of Goa, the beautiful palaces of Rajasthan or even abroad.

In fact, destination weddings also furnish a chance to emulate the celebrity lifestyle and enjoy the lavish and exotic destinations of the pre-decided venues.

Luxury Weddings

A unique and classy wedding is not everyone’s cup of tea. Imagine Beyonce performing live at your grand wedding. Yes, you read it right. Luxury weddings are all about exhibiting your lavish fame and aura.

And for this, experienced wedding planners have to work day and night to make the wedding show a success. After all, it is once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy and attract attention from your invitees.


Indian weddings are full of traditions and rituals and with that entertainment is very important to enjoy all your ceremonies. To add a spark in the mehendi, haldi, sangeet, cocktail party and of course the bachelorette DJ, Musicians and even celebrities performances are also included. Many big fat weddings have celebritiesappearance, dance performance or a music show by your favorite singer.

People hire event planners so that entertainment factor doesn't miss from their wedding. Event planners take care of all the functions. That shows how an event planner works hard to see their client smiling faces.

Factors Leading to a
Successful Wedding

First and foremost, most of the Indian weddings are about tasty and yummy food. The catering industry alone earns an yearly revenue of 15,000 crores per year. Thus, this sector of the wedding planning industry is an outstanding opportunity for novice event management aspirants.

Besides, professionals from backgrounds of culinary arts and hospitality management opt for this career choice and achieve amazing milestones.

Photographer/ Videography

An Indian wedding remains incomplete without a consistent photographer/ videographer. After all, pictures and videos are the sweet memorial records of a wedding. In fact, many couples prefer pre and post wedding video shoots on their favorite themes, songs and stories.

Thus, talented and creative photographers and videographers are all set to bring forth the best version of your love saga.

Travel Planning

Diploma holders and graduates in travel planning accommodate fantastically within this sector. Travel planning event managers are assigned the responsibility of taking care of the guests, their travel schedules and modes of transportation.

Mostly, travel planning is required in the destination weddings where guests from different places are to arrive at the wedding venue.


Last but not least, event management graduates who do not specialize in any of the above profiles are skilled enough to handle all these aforementioned tasks with great expertise. Our courses provide the upcoming event managers with both theoretical and on-field training of all these skills and knowledge-base.

Thus, individuals aspiring to join the event management industry can, without a second thought, enrol themselves in the wedding planning degree and be a part of this rapidly growing career.