NAEMD - Asia's Best

Event Management Institute

NAEMD - Asia's Best Event Management Institute

NAEMD - Asia's Best
Event Management Institute

Admissions Open - 2021

Master's Degree - Event Management & PR

Master's Degree - Event Management & PR prepares students for a successful career in event management by giving them a well-rounded and multi-disciplinary qualification relevant to today's event industry. Designed with an optimal blend of theoretical and practical concepts, our curriculum gives a thorough understanding of key concepts and theories in event management combined with practical skills in the major areas of Event Conception and Implementation, Risk Management, Client Service and Venue and Project Management.

In the dynamic and competitive industry, a majority of the Event Management companies and related corporate houses prefer candidates with Master's degree - event management with industry relevant skills.

Practical experience will enable students to have a deeper understanding of the theoretical concepts they will learn in the classroom. Through internships and placements, we offer diverse opportunities to our students in various industries of Public Relations, Advertising & Marketing, Media & Entertainment, Travel & Tourism, Hospitality and other related industries in Mumbai.

Offers Degree and Diploma Courses in



1.1 Principles of Management
1.2 Human Resource Management
1.3 Business Economics
1.4 Introduction to Event Management & PR
1.5 Event Management Planning
1.6 Event Production Process
1.7 Professional Industry Engagement(Practical Training-I)


2.1 Event Marketing & Sponsorship
2.2 Information Commuication Technology(ICT)
2.3 Event Resource Management
2.4 Event Team & Crew Management
2.5 Event Cost Accountig & Finance Management
2.6 Special Events- Wedding Planning & Live Events
2.7 Professional Industry Engagement(Practical Training-II)


3.1 Media Management
3.2 Public Relations
3.3 Event Hospitality & Catering
3.4 Legal Aspects of Event Management
3.5 E-Commerce & Digital Marketing
3.6 Special Events - Sports & Recreation Services
3.7 Professional Industry Engagement (Practical Training-III)


4.1 Tourism Marketing
4.2 Business Negotiation Skills
4.3 Experiential Marketing & Technology
4.4 Event safety & Risk Management
4.5 Entreprenurship Management
4.6 Special Events - MICE & Corporate Events
4.7 Final Poject Report

NAEMD Mumbai is not a 'University' and 'not affiliated to a university' and does not admit any students in degree courses. It facilitates the students by career counseling to take admission in Universities and Colleges which offer courses in Event Management.