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Career Prospects in
Event Management

Have you ever thought about becoming an event manager?

Most of the aspirants today run after lucrative career opportunities. Doctors, engineers, architects, bureaucrats, advocates etc. are some of the attractive tags which aspirants desire to wear..

However, just think about something enthusiastic, energetic and exciting. These three E’s supplement the 4’th E- that is of the Event Manager, rising massively in demand.

event management career

So now is the time to learn and apply the significance of a career in this blooming event management industry.

Why is the event manager required to plan and organize events?

Many pondering thoughts occur about the essential need of a manager to plan, prepare and execute successful events. Well, the simple reason behind this assertion is the overarching position of responsibility attached to the managerial tasks.

 scope of event management

It means that an event manager is the chief supervisor of multiple departments and carries out both mundane and highly complex duties with active involvement. In fact, a manager is the overseer of each and every aspect of the event, right from the pre-event planning to the post-event reviews.

In other words, an event without a manager would be a total disaster and would fail to attract importance and recognition. Thus, an event manager is the backbone of an event industry. His/her constant presence boosts the staff and the industry to the next level.

Career as an Event Manager

An event manager isn’t dull and monotonous but an epitome of optimistic and vibrant flavors in life. He/she dedicates his professional schedule to plan and execute successful events. With exceptional talent followed by hard work, sincerity and technical skill-sets, an event manager monitors the overall conventions of an event.

event manager salary

Next, aspirants require proper skill-training and education to pursue a bright career in the event management industry. This is because one needs to inculcate both theoretical and practical knowledge to become a professional and a successful event manager.

Today, an event manager job profile offers unbeatable opportunities with excellent annual packages and incentives. In fact, the profile integrates a wide variety of options in addition to progress, experiences and tons of networking.

Therefore, as a rapidly growing profession, developed countries such as America earns around 100 billion + per annum from the event management industry. More to this, the average pay of an event manager is $47, 350 per year, and $22.76 per hour.

In that sense, India is also on the verge of furnishing mind-blowing CTC’s to its event managers. The past decade itself witnessed an alarming hike in this sector account to an annual business of 5500 crores in 2014-2015.

According to leading management researches, the event industry has the capacity to develop @ 25% every year. This means that its scope is widening day by day, incorporating new managers every next hour.

As a result, many young and seasoned aspirants willingingly join the industry and fulfill their dreams of success. In a nutshell, only the sky's the limit to cater to one’s growth in this profession.

So now is the time to touch the sky and join this industry. It awaits avid and exuberant people like you to let it achieve the glowing sun of tomorrow.

Future of the Event Industry

Several researchers and business analytics have tried interpreting the future of the event management industry in the next two decades. It mandates this scrutiny as the need of the hour in order to perform unmatchby in the future organizational scenario.

event management job

In other words, it wouldn’t be incorrect to assert that the industry requires to think, work and act ahead of its times. For this, it is essential to understand the significance of events. In addition, the industry also needs to examine how the impact of technology has concretized its dynamics in the contemporary era.

In fact, down years down the line, there may be a chance of the event industry going virtual in the new technological age. As a result, events may be conducted online through software applications such as Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts etc.

Thus, now is the time for the industry to contemplate in imparting an allrounder education to its new aspiring managers. This means that the dedicated institutes for event management must furnish proper theoretical, practical and technical knowledge to its students.

Nonetheless, be it physical or virtual, the event industry is an integral part of our society and shall exist in future. And as a dynamic industry of like-minded professionals, it shall continue to attract importance and popularity among the individuals

Entertainment with Money

The event management industry provides a monetizable output in addition to tons of entertainment and experience. The industry furnishes much broader and exciting avenues to explore and engage in. For this reason, it supplements a value addition to money along with the factor of enjoyment.

Therefore, aspirants looking forward to joining the industry shall experience different sorts of thrills each day in their practice. Besides, each moment in the industry offers a new and amazing opportunity to learn, think and progress.

Thus, the industry inculcates the attributes of optimism, leadership, confidence followed by a regular income in your bank accounts. So, without a second thought, go for this noble professional and enjoy a managerial status in future

Career Option: Job versus Business

Now, post entering the industry, many managers undergo an intuitive dilemma. This quandary accounts to whether keeping working as an event manager or should try to initiate their own event management start-up.

Well, the answer to this question is simple. With so much variety at hand, it is best for the aspirant to listen to his/her heart. It means that if you wish to work as a part of a syndicate, you are most welcome. On the other hand, if planning to own your own business, it too shall go well.

The only factor to keep in mind is the stakes which both the options have for you. For example, an event start-up requires a priori investment before the business becomes monetizable and begins incurring profits.

However, both the options have an equal thrill and something new to learn and experience each day. Therefore, without delay, select the best deal and visualize your dreams coming true

Become a Consultant

For those who are neither interested in a full time event manager job nor in initiating their own event firm, can opt for Consultancy.

In the event management industry, switching to becoming event consultants could be an exciting choice when it comes to deciding and planning on your own terms. This means that the industry provides an opportunity to young professionals and allows them to perform event projects as per their convenience.

Moreover, freelancing or event consultancy as a career option has numerous advantages. Some its its principle benefits are:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Deciding your own rates
  • Individuality retainment while decision making
  • Working on different types of events simultaneously

With this, you can choose to freelance your event planning services and gain genuine recognition in the event market. As a result, you can furnish a positive trajectory to your management skills and become a seasoned event planner in due course of time.