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NAEMD - Asia's Best Event Management Institute

NAEMD - Asia's Best
Event Management Institute

Admissions Open - 2021

Bachelor's Degree in
Event Management

This is a professional course that instils business, communication and organizational attributes in students. These are the commandments for accomplishing a managerial post. The event management business is highly complicated for which professionals required to be equipped with planning and execution resources.

What is a BBA in Event Management?

The acceleration of the event management industry has surfaced the BBA degree course in this field. Job opportunities related to this industry are sprouting with time. How small or big an industry is, its marketing perspective is directed towards an event, namely product launch.

Top 10 Reasons to do BBA in Event Management

Celebrate Work

Despite the responsibilities to be shouldered, an event manager is filled with enthusiasm till the show is put up. Events are about celebrations, which are, in a way, the work assignments of the manager. A BBA in event management will celebrate your arrangements for those who are in need of celebration.

Attain Organizational Skill

The event management industry sparkles with glamour, and you too can be a part of it. This BBA programme will keep you ahead of the regular event managers. It trains the aspirants in visualizing ideas, planning the budget, organizing events and executing them.

Art of Negotiating

Be it the availability of dates or reasonable charges; event managers are required to deal with assistants of celebrities at different levels to get them on the concerned events organized. The knick-knacks of organizing an event such as logistics management also fall under the supervision of the event manager.

Entrepreneurship Possibility

The event management BBA followed by a job in this field will provide you with adequate experience to whip up a venture, in due course. You will end up forming a network of industry biggies whom you have contacted while being in the profession of a manager. This along PR expertise will help you create your own brand in no time.

Larger than Life

As an event manager, you get the chance to be involved in grand events at both social and corporate levels. Watching the celebrities from close becomes a daily affair for professionals managing upscale events like musical concerts, film promotions, celebrity shows, etc. Therefore, one can imagine the limitless growth in the career on staying devoted to this industry.

Exposure to Cross-Cultures

An event management company receives clients from different walks of life. The professionals here become familiar with the functioning attitude of different industries. It gives you an opportunity to traverse a wide array of socializing cultures and business etiquettes.

Assured Employment

Employment is the objective of pursuing any professional course. The event industry is still running short of qualified managers, which makes this BBA programme intriguing. You can stay rest assured of a well-defined career at the end of this course with organizations waiting to hire you.

Specialize in Multi-Disciplines

The BBA course in event management trains you in marketing, sponsor hunting, framework building, venue selection, transportation arrangement. The day of the event requires planning, co-ordination and final decision making on each of its aspects.

Improved Interpersonal Skills

A successful event manager must possess a specialization in public relations that is dealt with during the degree course. He or she must get used to long working hours and must be adept at organizing skills. A friendly behaviour is another necessity for successful collaboration with artists and clients.

New Career Avenues

A job in event management is the gateway to the public relations sector. Organizations related to tourism, media, advertisement are in need of professionals from both PR and event management fields.

Job Opportunities

Media Planning Manager : Selection of media groups, negotiation of charges and taking follow-ups, are the responsibilities of the media planning manager. They make sure that each event gets properly covered by the hired media associates. The annual remuneration for these tasks is 5.5 lakh rupees.

Advertising/ Promotion Officer : This designation is responsible for planning and implementing ideas of getting an event its public reach. The yearly salary for this role is 4.5 lakh rupees per annum. All promotion related issues regarding the upcoming events are taken care of.

Event Manager : This is an all-in-all job designation that is responsible for arranging, conducting and gathering the feedback of an event. It fetches an annual salary of 6 lakh rupees.

Events Promotion Manager : He or she is responsible for promoting the events right from planning to execution. It includes the involvement in different advertising platforms and also, an arrangement of feedback programmes following the event. This detects the areas of improvement for the next event to come. An events promotion manager receives a yearly income of 4 lakh rupees.

Public Relation Officer : The job role involves the development of a warm relation with the organization with its clients. The individual is responsible for maintaining satisfaction at both ends through the transparent delivery of messages from one to the other. This designation is entitled to a compensation of 5.5 lakh rupees per annum.

Marketing Manager : The duty of a marketing manager is to determine the organization’s accessibility to clients, monitor the cash flow, and cater to client needs. Marketing of the event to the existing clients and acquiring new ones is the core function of this job profile. The annual remuneration for the task is 5 lakh rupees.

With the increasingly corporate and social requirements of conducting events, the event management industry is scaling high. It is in constant demand of the aforementioned professionals for smooth execution of every action related to the successful organization of an event.

Some of the front-row recruiters of event management BBAs are namely Tafcon Group, DNA Networks, Percept D Mark, Cineyug Entertainment, Wizcraft, Cox & King, Fountainhead Transmedia, 360 degrees, Sercon, Sita Conferences.

The BBA course in event management makes the aspirant analyze its ability through practical projects and event workshops. The curriculum contributes to the students planning and communicating skills by designing grooming classes accordingly. Students get exposed to lectures offered by guests from various industries. This endows them with comprehensive knowledge for dealing with clients from similar industries as a manager in future.

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